Top 5 Best Drones For Less Than $50 (For Beginner Pilots On A Budget)

2. Syma X5C-1


Syma is a true ruler of the entry-level market. With an extensive series of great toy-grade drones, they’ve established themselves as the go-to brand for cheap drones. Syma X5C-1 is just that – an amazingly nimble drone that will get you hooked on all things drone-related. Let’s see why…

Why is Syma X5C-1 the best drone you can purchase for roughly $50? Well, how should I put it simply – it provides the best (by far) flying experience and has a whole bunch of supporting features. Its controller is a masterpiece. Geniusly made, highly intuitive and responsive. It’s a subject of copying ever since the original Syma X5C came out. Each and every single input you make – your drone will follow it instantly with no input lag present. What’s even better, Syma X5C-1 sports 360 flips and headless mode. The latter will give you an easy introduction to flying drones while the former will impress all your friends.

The camera on Syma X5C-1 is no joke either. It has received a slight upgrade and is now an HD-ready sensor capable of recording videos in 720p. So, for all you future aerial photographers, Syma X5C-1 seems like a no-brainer! Especially so considering it has everything you need for aerial photography inside the package, including a 4GB microSD card.

Let’s start off with the battery. Syma X5C-1 sports a good 1S 500mAh LiPo battery. It doesn’t provide an industry leading flight time by any means, but still more than what you’d come to expect from such cheap models. You can expect around 7 minutes of flight time on average which is, I’m sure you agree with me, just enough to keep you hooked on the hobby. Combine that with somewhere around 30 to 50 meters of range and you’ll get a nimble outdoor and indoor flyer. As you can see, specifications aren’t the thing that makes Syma X5C-1 stand out from other drones. Instead, its the stability, responsive controls and intuitiveness that make it one of the best drones under $50. I’m sure you will agree with me once you try this birdie out for yourself…

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