Top 5 Best Drones For Less Than $50 (For Beginner Pilots On A Budget)

4. Eachine E33C

The bronze medal goes to Eachine E33C. Considering Eachine is one of market leaders as far as entry-level drones are concerned, it is not surprising to see 2 of their models featured in this list. If you scroll all the way up you will see their E52 model as well. But, now we’ll be focusing on E33C which is a micro brushed quad with interesting design options. Let’s dig straight into it and see what exactly does it have to offer!
Features and Camera

The first thing you will notice once you take a glance at this one is its legs. This, obviously, means that it sports a camera on the bottom portion of its body. We are talking about a 2MPX sensor that records videos in 720p. The quality is decent and you can even tilt it up and down, depending on what kind of flying you want to achieve with it.

As for the features, Eachine E33C sports the likes of 360 flips, headless mode, and one key return. Needless to say, the latter is not GPS powered so you cannot bet on its pinpoint accuracy. Still, it’s good and has worked for me every time I issued the command.

Last but not least, let’s see what is this little bugger all about when it comes to our favorite topic – specifications. First of all, I suppose I should say a thing or two about the battery. It’s a small 1S 450mAh LiPo pack which is nicely tucked away into a bay underneath the main electronics. This makes for a clean appearance and more durability than standard “hook” mounts we’re often seeing with entry-level models. It provides up to 8 minutes of flight time per charge. Not bad at all, right?

Moving on to the range, thanks to the provided controller (2.4Ghz, of course), this thing can go as far as 80 meters away from you. Kind of crazy that we are seeing such high operating ranges from dirt cheap models. One last thing, the battery takes around an hour to charge but you can always get spare ones. If you do that, makes sure you take at least 10-minute breaks between each flying session to prevent motors from overheating.

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