Top 5 Best Drones For Less Than $50 (For Beginner Pilots On A Budget)

As you already might know, drones are not nearly as expensive as they were a couple of years ago when they first hit the mainstream market. Back then, they had enormous price tags and not a lot of people were able to afford them. Only those with huge salaries or proper drone enthusiasts were entitled to one.

Luckily, those days are well past us as drones nowadays come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and of course – prices. In this list, we are going to focus on the dirt-cheap drones under $50 that will not make a huge dent in your wallet. They are budget-friendly and often called “toy drones” which, in my honest opinion, puts them in a bad spotlight.

5. FQ777-124 Micro Pocker Quadcopter

Take to the skies… on one of the smallest RC drones in the world! How small? Small enough to fit in your pocket! But that doesn’t mean this thing can’t fly… In fact, because of its tiny size and lightweight design, this drone flies better than you might think!

With four two-bladed propellers, when powered on, they’ll start spinning lightning fast, slowly lifting the drone in the air. And with your two thumbs on each joystick, it doesn’t take much skill to maneuver this quadcopter around. Plus, with its built-in 6-axis gyro control system, you’ll have a stable flight at all times.

Then soon enough, with a bit of practice, you can move on to performing crazy air stunts like 360º flips, spins, twists, and more!

And if your drone ever flies too far out, simply hit the “Return” key on your controller and it’ll come flying back automatically.

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